To New Beginnings or Something

…mainly, something. Welcome to Feeling Kind of Something (I got the name from a Patton Oswalt joke). This isn’t the first blog that I’ve attempted to start, and this will probably not be the last blog that I attempt to start. There are several reasons why I want to do this again (like feel important, pretend my opinions matter, or do something else that doesn’t remind me that I will never amount to anything), but it gives me an opportunity to flex some muscles (mind muscles) that are otherwise atrophying.  I say that as if I’m actually creative or smart. I have a fairly limited vocabulary, so forgive me if I use the same word I describe a car (I know nothing about cars) for a movie I just watched: cool. I am not at all quick on my feet which is why I like writing, because it allows me to read over a sentence I just wrote for about an hour before I delete it and write it over again.

You’re probably thinking to yourself: I don’t care what you think. My friends who are kind enough to read this are probably thinking the same thing along with how fragile our friendship is. Well, to that I say: okay (again, I’m not quick-witted). But I just gave myself an hour to think it over, and yeah I completely agree. I can add no new, useful, or insightful commentary to what you already listen to, watch, or read. In fact, I assure you that most of you are better writers than me and could do a better job at what I am attempting to do (this is apparently the paragraph where I just feed my low self-esteem while also fishing for compliments **hint hint comment below). Anyhow, simply put, this blog is for me and anyone willing to checkout or (preferably) enjoy the content I develop on here.

My focus will be geeky and random in nature. I’ll be reviewing subjects all across the board with an arbitrary point system. For example, here’s a taste of what to expect:

  • “Captain America: Civil War is cool, 8 out of 10”
  • “DOOM is fun, 6 out of 10”
  • “That new Asian restaurant across from the mall is good, 7 out of 10”
  • “The weather outside is hot, 2 out of 10”

It needs work, but we’ll get there together (or by myself). With E3 coming up, I’m sure I will have things to say about video games and whatnot. Also, the Olympics are happening this summer, and so I’m sure you’ll want to hear what I think about swimming, gymnastics, and other things I am incapable of doing physically. And just in case you thought my life was already way too much fun (I know you didn’t you liar), I will be hitting up Comic-Con 2016 in San Diego, California. This will be the fourth year I go, and this time I hope to bring all the fun and excitement to this blog. And maybe, I’ll do some cool Comic-Con exclusive giveaways for loyal subscribers.

Please stay tuned!


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