Review: Running (Physical Activity)

This is my first review, so I hope you enjoy it. Before I get into the benefits and shortcomings of running, I just want to address that I have no formal background in exercise science or kinesiology. So please take everything I say with a grain of salt. But be sure to drink plenty of water after, because hydration is important when it comes to running.

After a horrible break up a couple of years back (meaning I probably took it harder than I should have), one of the pieces of advice I had received from my brother was to achieve some type of normalcy by establishing a routine (because spending money on “getting your girlfriend back” internet guides was not the ideal route to stability). One of his main suggestions was exercise. Now back in college, I had essentially eaten my high school self and doubled my weight. I also remained fairly sedentary, so any type of physical activity sounded like a death sentence (or to be less dramatic: death in general). But with the dreaded and inevitable prospect of dating in the horizon, I knew I probably needed to do something.

So I got into running. Running is a faster version of walking, but you lift your legs higher (it is also harder). It has some positive attributes but may have some long-term effects on your knees and legs, so please consult your physician before overexerting yourself for no reason. Jogging is a good in-between  walking and running, so I would suggest starting off with that if you have no experience in running. Keep in mind, running is not the solution to losing weight, but it can be a piece to the puzzle. I will say I have lost a good amount of weight, but I also maintained strict eating habits (by sacrificing all of my happiness). Since I’ve started to do it regularly a year ago, I tend to have more energy during the day, and I typically get a chance to brag about it to someone at work. Running also has some practical advantages such as escaping or understanding movie references to movies like Running Man, Cool Runnings, and Forrest Gump. I also get to listen to good music and think about things (like what I would be doing if I wasn’t torturing myself).

Some negatives of running is it is a physical activity. In my experience, my legs start hurting after a long period of time, and I find it hard to breathe. I also get very sweaty during and after. But here’s the problem. If I don’t run, I feel terrible. I feel like a sloth (which may not be a great analogy, because sloths are probably the only creatures that have reached true euphoria). The inactivity make me feel less accomplished and sluggish (slugs would have been a better animal to compare myself to). So I have to run, but I hate running. But if I don’t run, I feel worthless for not doing it. So ultimately I just hate myself in whatever given situation I’m in.

Other than the constant internal conflict I deal with on a daily basis, I do enjoy most aspects of running. I feel healthier and better, I get to enjoy the exercise with other people like my girlfriend and my brothers, and I am prepared to outrun 25% of my captors.

Running is okay. It’s like an unhealthy relationship that makes you healthier after it’s over.

6 out of 10


6 thoughts on “Review: Running (Physical Activity)”

  1. “I have to run, but I hate running. But if I don’t run, I feel worthless for not doing it. So ultimately I just hate myself in whatever given situation I’m in.”

    I relate to this.


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