E3 Is Upon Us, Thoughts to Come Later

The Electronic Entertainment Expo kicked off yesterday (or as the nerds (and actually everyone else) like to call it: E3). For those unfamiliar, E3 is the video game industry’s biggest press event of the year. Some of the most famous companies in the gaming industry use E3 as a stage to make the audience members feel slightly (but most of the time very) uncomfortable and showcase their upcoming video game releases, hardware, and celebrity endorsements (like I care Zac Effron plays Battlefield…okay, I do). It’s like the (insert major event) for tech columnists, video game bloggers, and the gaming community. It’s also fodder for console fanboys to use against each other (if you’re not sure what a console fanboy is, go to the comments section of the Youtube videos for the Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo conferences: it’s anyone who comments). Depending on which press conference you’re watching, it could be a cringe-filled experience. By no means, am I giving these presenters flak for trying though. Public speaking is tough business especially since they’re presenting in front of a live audience of hundreds and even more millions online (I sound like I’m crying every time I have to speak in front of a crowd of two or more people).

The gaming community has already seen press conferences from some of the major players since E3 began yesterday: Electronic Arts (EA), Bethesda, Xbox, and Playstation with loads more to come. I guarantee you probably have at least one annoying friend (or amazing depending on where you stand on the issue) on one of your social media outlets doing a play-by-play of these conferences. Unfortunately, I do not have the time (or the mental/creative capacity) to keep up with everything that is going on and talk about it without sounding completely dull and boring (kind of like the other four posts I wrote about E3 and deleted before this one). So once the dust has settled from E3, I’ll present to you some of my favorite moments and news coming out of E3 this week (because after two posts with one about how running is hard, you definitely care about what I have to say about a subject you probably don’t care about in the first place). I hope you enjoy E3 (or continue enjoying life if you feel otherwise about E3).


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