Feeling Kind of Good: Best of E3

I like to play video games. That’s about the only credentials I have to writing this post.

Back when I was in college (before the world tricked me into having dreams and ambitions and then preceded to have its way with me), it was a goal of mine to make it onto the E3 floor and just soak up everything these video game companies had to offer. Present-day me is a little bit more realistic (sometimes I pretend to shoot fireballs when I’m stretching) about ever making it to the grand event, but thankfully there’s not really any need due to technological advancements of live streaming  (advancements that will soon allow me to project a hologram of myself to attend holographic E3 or in the least prevent buffering during live streams). All the coverage from various gaming sites and even major sites like YouTube practically put you in the middle (and apparently hovering and sometimes soaring over the audience) of these E3 press conferences getting the big news the same time those attending do. So I’ve spent the last few days on the internet catching up on all the news and information from these last few days of E3 (I’m not even sure what is real anymore).

To cut down the amount I have to write (so my self-doubt is only deleting minutes of typing instead of hours) and you have to read (because I’ve already lost you at “I like to play video games”), I’m going to share some of my favorite moments of E3 as well as some of the blunders that made me wonder why I’m watching this instead of doing something better (like sleeping). I will save the negatives for another post to avoid the post being too long.

Here are some of the best moments of E3.

Sony’s Press Conference
Once again, Sony has set the standard for E3 press conferences. They had the best conference last year, and this year was nothing short of acceptable (definitely overselling it here). They opened up with a live orchestra and continued to use the orchestra throughout the event to play the music for their game trailers (making me feel classy as hell). And then Sony just kept going; game trailer after trailer with minimal interruption from a speaker or presenter. In fact, not once did I cringe from camp, awkwardness, or overacting (three words frequently used to describe me). They let the games do the talking which is exactly why we watch E3: for game announcements and game footage (and a small chance to see someone make an ass of themselves).

God of War (4) TrailerGOW.jpg
God of War is about a Spartan soldier (like those 300 guys) named Kratos who becomes very angry after the Greek mythological god of war, Ares (not to be confused with the other god of war, God), tricks Kratos into killing his own family. He seeks revenge and basically kills everything all the way through three games. I’m not sure how the new installment will fit into the lore, but according to the gameplay trailer, it’s sure to be a father-son feelgood experience.

Xbox’s New Consolesxbox
Microsoft has two systems in the works:
– The Xbox One S (S is for ‘second’ I guess) is a sleeker, slimmer version of the Xbox One, 40% smaller (with a higher self-esteem I would assume), and valued at a nifty price of $299.
– Project Scorpio is promising a lot under the hood spec-wise. I don’t understand what most (…I mean all) of it means, but they’re saying it’s going to be the most powerful console to date offering 4K resolution which will eventually become the standard for high definition entertainment. It will probably also have a major emphasis on virtual reality gaming. Project Scorpio itself is not as exciting to me as what the ripples of its announcement will do in terms of the upcoming console war.

We Happy Fewwehappyfew
Whimsical at first and then slowly transforming into a psychological thriller (like most relationships), We Happy Few looks like Bioshock set in the 60’s referencing some of your favorite pill-popping, post-apocalyptic literature.

South Park: Fractured But Wholesouthpark
Matt Stone and Trey Parker with the help of Ubisoft bring back the boys from Southpark to make fun of another trending, nerdy phenomenon: comic book movies. They sat down together during the Ubisoft conference to talk about their sequel to the Stick of Truth, Fractured But Whole. To be honest, one of the reasons this was one of my favorite moments of E3 was because it was essentially an interview with Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

Titanfall 2titanfall2
I am actually terrible at games. Online competitive games give me such anxiety, because I feel like I’m letting people down with my suckiness (very scientific term for being not good). Despite being terrible, I had a lot of fun with the first Titanfall, so I was very excited to see Respawn announce the second installment. Running around in mechs blowing stuff up, what’s not to love. But they upped the ante for the second game: Titanfall 2, now with grappling hook action and single-player story mode with a storyline similar to Short Circuit 2 or Chappie (a movie I have not seen in two decades and another movie I have never seen but basing my comparison off the trailer).

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildlozbow
It’s Legend of Zelda.


6 thoughts on “Feeling Kind of Good: Best of E3”

  1. This was a great write-up! Zelda is easily my game of the show. But aside from that, I’m really excited for We Happy Few and The Last Guardian. Sony’s conference was amazing, but I feel like there was too much focus on 2017.


    1. Thank you for the comment and the follow! Seeing a release date for the Last Guardian was such a relief. I agree, but I feel like that’s typical with most of the press conferences. Last year, some of the major ones for Sony were Final Fantasy VII and Shenmue III which we probably won’t see until 2018 or later.


      1. True. You make a good point. I shouldn’t complain, there’s already too many great games already coming out in the 2nd half of this year. I should be relieved that God of War, and all the other Sony titles are net year 😛

        Do you share you writing anywhere else? It’s quite good.


      2. Haha not that your complaints aren’t valid. There are certainly things to have “beef” with during E3 (and the video game industry in general).

        I really appreciate that! I’m very self-conscious (like I’m sure everyone else is) about my writing, so that means a lot. I kind of just share this with my friends on social media, and I’ve posted once in the Community Pool of WordPress.


  2. I know you feel self-conscious (we’ve all been there) but you don’t need to be. Your writing is really good! I’m actually a community manager over at https://nowloading.co/ and I work daily with fan contributors from all writing levels. In fact, if you’re interested, I think this very article could make for a great read on our site if you wanted to share it there.

    If that is something you’d be keen to try, I’d be more than happy to help you go about doing it 😀 – My e-mail is paul@NowLoading.co


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