Feeling Kind of Geeky: The Countdown to San Diego Comic-Con 2016

We are officially four weeks away from San Diego Comic-Con 2016! So to kind of commemorate my road (er…flight) to SDCC 2016, I’m going to take a look back on some of my favorite moments from the past years starting with my first year ever of Comic-Con in the next post.

SDCC is by far one of the most interesting things I do in my life (seriously). It literally changed my very being (or was that heavy drinking..my timeline is skewed). Before SDCC,  I was a husk of a person grinding along the cogs of entry-level employment and a fruitless relationship.  But once one of those came to a screeching halt, I had an opportunity (that’s what my therapist told me to call it) to turn things around for myself. And what better way to do that than to attend one of the biggest, publicized nerd-fests of the year (I did a lot of things a.b. “after break-up”).

Comic-Con is a convention dedicated to geek and pop culture (and a contest to see who can go the most days without sleep and basic personal hygiene) in beautiful San Diego, California. There are panels galore, hundreds of celebrity appearances, cosplayers, exclusives, swag, and just about everything under the geekdom sun. It is truly a sight to behold, and I have been very fortunate to experience it a handful of times. But it’s not all fun and games (of thrones), there’s hours of waiting in long lines, crowds and more crowds, and then there’s the lack of human compassion and decency especially in the Exhibit Hall where all the vendors and exclusive items can be bought. But if you can get passed that, the pros certainly do outweigh the Comic-cons (get it?).


As I said in my introductory post, I’m looking to give away one lucky reader an SDCC exclusive item (because I’m desperate for readers…and friends). I have not quite figured out how I will go about choosing the winner: maybe a lottery or a riddle/problem you have to figure out (like how to get be cool at 26 and still live with your parents). The item has also not been decided either, but it’s sure to be Comic-Conny (which is a word I guess). So please stay tuned for more information, and your chance to win!


4 thoughts on “Feeling Kind of Geeky: The Countdown to San Diego Comic-Con 2016”

  1. Have a great time!! CCI withdrawals are starting to hit hard since I didn’t get tickets this year. I have all the memories to “try” to hold me over until next time. And I’m glad to see Conan is coming back. Went to a show last year and it was one of the best things we actually got to do on our wish list. I just posted about going to a local Wizard World con. Brought about smiles and good memories but not the same as CCI. It’s the best!


    1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, that lottery is a beast. I think we had like 14 people in our group during pre-registration. So through the power of teamwork, we got lucky. That’s so awesome you got to see Conan last year! Which interviews did you see? I heard he had one of the best off-site events. Hopefully, next year you’ll be able to go. We have Wizard World in Texas, but I’ve never actually attended one. Heard they’re tons of fun though. I’ll definitely check out your post.


      1. I always go in to ticket registration day with moderate hopes because the demand is so high. I feel lucky to have gone five times. We literally bought ours online no problems 5 months prior back in 2009. Teamwork is key! We have set up a “command center” to get our group tickets. Stressful and sometimes fun. We attended the Thursday Conan show with The Hunger Games cast. When we got tickets, we had no clue who the guests were, but I’m a Hunger Games fan so it worked out. Got there at 5am with our reserved confirmation, and got front row which was sweet! It was the best thing we did since we didn’t make it in for Walking Dead last year, unlike the year prior. There’s always fun things to see off-sight. Look forward to hearing about the trip.


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