Feeling Kind of Burned: Whelps to Wyrms (Board Game)

If there is one thing a board game creator strives for, it’s getting a seal of approval from Feeling Kind of Something (a blog with about six posts and no direction and has absolutely nothing to do with board games).

Whelps to Wyrms was designed by a good friend of mine Ricky Perez with the help of Lamp Light Games and is currently in its crowdfunding stage on Kickstarter. After two days, the game has successfully funded, but there is still time to pledge support and meet stretch goals…and “them stretch goals y’all” (I’m so sorry). I don’t normally recommend something unless it has to deal with food (…or nudity), but I would highly recommend this board game. It gets my seal of approval (which I assume would be a badge that says “S’okay!” in comic sans font).

Whelps to Wyrms is a tile exploration board game where you level-up your newly-hatched dragon by gaining experience through your run-of-the-mill draconic destruction and chaos. This will give you the edge against other opponents’ dragons to collect gold, ravage the land, and battle each other. At the end of the game when there are no more objectives to draw from the deck, the dragon that has the most gold is declared the victor. But other dragons are not the only obstacles to overcome. There are characters called Slayers that your opponents get to use against you to thwart your victory. Fortunately, you also have access to Slayers to return the favor. Altogether, it proves to be a very fun and engaging experience.


My first and only playthrough was with Ricky himself, and I was met with bitter defeat. Because as the game designer, I’m sure he knows how to cheat the other players (I’m a sore loser…I flipped the table). Now, I’m not familiar enough with the board game (or writing in general) to give you a thorough review, but I was impressed by the overall mechanics of Whelps to Wyrms. It’s fairly simple. You take turns making a certain amount of actions depending on how your dragon has grown. These actions will allow you to simply explore or raise hell over the lands. One of my favorite features was each dragon had its own unique abilities, and you had to gain experience in order to unlock them. It’s an RPG element I’ve grown accustomed to in my years of video gaming and appreciated that it was a component in Whelps. The artwork is something to behold as well. Now once again I’m not familiar with something (specifically the board game industry this time), but Ricky informed me that he was able to get some of the best artists in the biz (that’s slang for business) to do all the artwork. It helps you appreciate the game even more.


But me talking about the game in general terms provides it no justice. If you’re in the market for an engaging board game that plays 2-5 players or enjoy the thought of raising a dragon (or three; am I right Game of Thrones fans?!) to reign destruction, Whelps to Wyrms is the board game for you. Please go support it on Kickstarter!

Whelps to Wyrms, S’okay! out of 10


4 thoughts on “Feeling Kind of Burned: Whelps to Wyrms (Board Game)”

  1. This is a great review. Quick clarification the game ends when there are no more objectives to draw from the pile. We just happened to have two left over.

    Great write up Thinh.


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