Hi. My name is Thinh. My friends call me Tink. Even if we’re not friends, you can call me Tink (that’s the kind of articulate, well-thought out coherence you can expect from this blog).

I created this┬áblog Feeling Kind of Something, because if there’s anything that I’m really good at, it’s pretending that I have provocative and original things to say about subjects you more than likely have better-developed thoughts about than I do. This blog is my outlet for attempted creative ideas and thoughts. And if you happen to like what I talk about (or need something to compare your life to make yourself feel better), thanks for checking my blog out.

I hope you enjoy!

Oh, also another side project I do other than living life is a nonsensical podcast with one of my good buddies called Ricky and Tink Got Friends. You can check us out on our site or find us on Stitcher.