Feeling King of Busy: Filler Post and Pokemon Go

I’m not sure why I feel bad about missing a post last week (must be the Catholic guilt which makes me feel bad about everything I do), but things have kind of picked up at work which means I’m about to go on vacation. And with Comic-Con a week away, prepping for the show has taken priority. Now throw Pokemon GO in the mix, and my daily life is no longer my own (not that I had much of a life before). I was hoping to continue my Comic-Con-themed posts until right before I leave, but that was a chore to write (and pretty boring to read). But I will write one more post about Comic-Con before I leave, and that will mainly be about your chance to win a Comic-Con exclusive item. I have my eye out on a few exclusives already, but I will not know for sure what that item will be until I get to Comic-Con. Please stay tuned for that.

Now, I don’t want to leave you empty-handed and since Pokemon Go is now a part of mine and everyone else’s life, here is a comic that I drew over a year ago from a time I wanted to draw webcomics. And much like everything else I do, my drawing skills are right above kindergarten level.

That was a short-lived aspiration much like this blog will be probably.