Review: Flying

Until our technology advances enough to make teleportation a reality, we are all doomed to stuffing our crap into an expensive bag or box which will eventually be a storage of dirty laundry (or broken dreams). Then we have to wait in a line to talk to someone who obviously hates themselves (and us even more) to tell them that you want to go onto a God-defying machine instead of traveling in the safety of not being thousands of feet in the air. After that, you get to wait in another line, take off your shoes, throw your stuff on a conveyor belt, and try you hardest not to look like a terrorist. Then after being poked and prodded, you get to wait again for your chance to get in a flying tube with no personal space and gamble with your life as you laugh in the face of God. If you’re lucky, you’ll land safely and get to do it all over again. In fact, I’ll be doing this very thing in about four hours to head to San Diego for Comic-Con (geeze, shut up about Comic-Con am I right?).

I actually have no qualms about flying. It’s mainly the process of actually getting into the plane that’s a headache. Sure, I have a feeling of dread the whole time the pilot is figuratively giving God the finger,  but booking the flight, having to check-in, going through security, and then of course getting to the right gate is such a pain in the ass. I do realize those procedures are set in place for my safety, but I’m already living on the edge by willingly getting shot into the air (okay, that’s a bit dramatic…like this whole post).

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I do have to cut this blog short. As I said before, I’ve got a flight in about four hours, and I still have to finish packing and attempt to get at least two hours of sleep. So in conclusion, flying is not for everyone. What I would suggest is saving the money you would normally spend on plane tickets and instead spend it on the research of quantum physics which I would assume would discover the ability to teleport. Sure you may not travel very much, but you’re just getting us that much closer to an alternative to flying (or in the least, getting us closer to recreational time travel).

Flying…3 out of 10 flying f*cks.

One more thing, I will be posting the special item in my next udpate for the Comic-Con Exclusive giveaway (when I actually get there and figure out what that item is). So once again, please stay tuned for that and possible coverage of the show. And feel free to add me on Instagram to check out my pictures from Comic-Con. Instagram: Tinktothepast. Or atleast I will try my best to upload pictures on my Instagram.