San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusive Item Giveaway

Well, everyone. Comic-Con 2016 has come and go, and there is a lot to talk about (and a lot of sleep to catch up on). But I’m at my Airbnb decompressing from the event,  so that will have to wait for another day. I do want to really quick introduce the item that I will be giving away. With the huge success of Pokemon GO, I wanted to find something relevant. I was lucky enough to snag an SDCC exclusive from UCC Distribution. This item is also in honor of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary  (almost old enough to drink but still play Pokemon).


    Check back really soon for more details. 


    Review: Flying

    Until our technology advances enough to make teleportation a reality, we are all doomed to stuffing our crap into an expensive bag or box which will eventually be a storage of dirty laundry (or broken dreams). Then we have to wait in a line to talk to someone who obviously hates themselves (and us even more) to tell them that you want to go onto a God-defying machine instead of traveling in the safety of not being thousands of feet in the air. After that, you get to wait in another line, take off your shoes, throw your stuff on a conveyor belt, and try you hardest not to look like a terrorist. Then after being poked and prodded, you get to wait again for your chance to get in a flying tube with no personal space and gamble with your life as you laugh in the face of God. If you’re lucky, you’ll land safely and get to do it all over again. In fact, I’ll be doing this very thing in about four hours to head to San Diego for Comic-Con (geeze, shut up about Comic-Con am I right?).

    I actually have no qualms about flying. It’s mainly the process of actually getting into the plane that’s a headache. Sure, I have a feeling of dread the whole time the pilot is figuratively giving God the finger,  but booking the flight, having to check-in, going through security, and then of course getting to the right gate is such a pain in the ass. I do realize those procedures are set in place for my safety, but I’m already living on the edge by willingly getting shot into the air (okay, that’s a bit dramatic…like this whole post).

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), I do have to cut this blog short. As I said before, I’ve got a flight in about four hours, and I still have to finish packing and attempt to get at least two hours of sleep. So in conclusion, flying is not for everyone. What I would suggest is saving the money you would normally spend on plane tickets and instead spend it on the research of quantum physics which I would assume would discover the ability to teleport. Sure you may not travel very much, but you’re just getting us that much closer to an alternative to flying (or in the least, getting us closer to recreational time travel).

    Flying…3 out of 10 flying f*cks.

    One more thing, I will be posting the special item in my next udpate for the Comic-Con Exclusive giveaway (when I actually get there and figure out what that item is). So once again, please stay tuned for that and possible coverage of the show. And feel free to add me on Instagram to check out my pictures from Comic-Con. Instagram: Tinktothepast. Or atleast I will try my best to upload pictures on my Instagram.

    Feeling King of Busy: Filler Post and Pokemon Go

    I’m not sure why I feel bad about missing a post last week (must be the Catholic guilt which makes me feel bad about everything I do), but things have kind of picked up at work which means I’m about to go on vacation. And with Comic-Con a week away, prepping for the show has taken priority. Now throw Pokemon GO in the mix, and my daily life is no longer my own (not that I had much of a life before). I was hoping to continue my Comic-Con-themed posts until right before I leave, but that was a chore to write (and pretty boring to read). But I will write one more post about Comic-Con before I leave, and that will mainly be about your chance to win a Comic-Con exclusive item. I have my eye out on a few exclusives already, but I will not know for sure what that item will be until I get to Comic-Con. Please stay tuned for that.

    Now, I don’t want to leave you empty-handed and since Pokemon Go is now a part of mine and everyone else’s life, here is a comic that I drew over a year ago from a time I wanted to draw webcomics. And much like everything else I do, my drawing skills are right above kindergarten level.

    That was a short-lived aspiration much like this blog will be probably.


    Feeling Kind of Geeky: Retrospective Look at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

    I’ll try not to bore you with words  and try to keep this as short as possible (damn…Bore You With Words would have been a great name for this blog).

    Random Note: If you watched the season finale of Game of Thrones the other night, I’m listening to the song that played along with the first scenes on repeat while I write this post. It’s called Light of the Seven by Ramin Djawadi, and you can listen to it on Spotify:

    Let’s be honest. There are two reasons why people want to go to San Diego Comic-Con: have tons of fun and bragging rights. It’s literally how I started most of my conversations with women in my single days to try and impress them. “Yeah, I’ve been to San Diego Comic-Con a couple of times. Can I buy you a drink?” (looking back, it probably wasn’t the strongest foot to put forward). Surprisingly, my pick-up lines get much worse than that (or not surprising at all). So as I said in my previous post, I was in a relationship. We were actually engaged to get married (spoiler alert: we didn’t), so I was saving up for the wedding. After that fell through, I found myself with a nice chunk of change. Instead of investing or saving the money which would have been the responsible thing to do, I blew a good amount of it on a 4-day badge which I got in the resale and getting myself to Comic-Con (and then the rest at Comic-Con…and alcohol). No regrets (I’m in severe debt though, so there’s that).

    After making my preparations and bragging about going to SDCC on Facebook (that’s the most important step), I had no idea how to prepare for the behemoth itself. Prior to my first trip, I failed to search for helpful guides like It’s seriously, one of the best resources for preparing before SDCC. I frequent it about a million times right to help me prepare for the war (inappropriately overexaggerated). Instead I painstakingly reviewed the schedule, and picked the panels I wanted to attend like a fool. In the end, I didn’t even go to one single panel I intended to see. That is not a testament to my failure but to how much there is to do and see at SDCC.

    As I write this, I realized how difficult it would be to encapsulate all that I experienced during SDCC 2013 without making this too long of a post. Also, since I had no earthly idea what I was doing at my first Comic-Con, I’m not exactly sure that I would be able to paint an orderly (or coherent) picture.

    Me at SDCC 2013 literally the whole time.

    So in order to make this bearable to read, I’m just going to pick some of my favorite moments along with some witty commentary (and when I said “witty”, I meant “not witty”).

    Meeting the crew of Regular Show
    So once again, I was completely unaware of how any of this worked. I pretty much walked around aimlessly and just let things happen. Somehow that actually worked. I happened to walk across the Cartoon Network booth, and they were handing out tickets to meet the cast and crew of Regular Show.


    For those not familiar with Regular Show, it’s a cartoon about two best friends that work at a park. The main cast consists of animals, a ghost, a green guy, and a gumball machine (brilliant!).


    Coincidentally, I’m a very big fan of Regular Show. I actually have a tattoo to prove it (because simply enjoying a show is not good enough). So yes, in my hand I have the chance to meet the people who created and work on the show. I get starstruck pretty easily sometimes, and I say stupid things like “you are awesome” or “show is good.” Well, I may have sounded like an idiot, but I got to meet them. And that’s all that matters. I didn’t get the greatest picture with them, so I got this from the Cartoon Network Tumblr.

    Cartoon Network Comic-Con 2013 Tumblr

    Regular Show: Regular Zone
    Continuing on with more Regular Show fandemonium, Cartoon Network had rented out the San Diego Children’s Musem and set up a Regular Show-themed arcade called the Regular Zone. I was in a euphoric state just taking a bunch of pictures with a huge smile on my face (it doesn’t take me much to reach euphoria).


    Then the lights went out. The employees told us to rush to the other room. (This next part is full of references from the show, so feel free to skip it if you’d like) We were greeted by Mordecai and Rigby . They informed us that the power outage was due to the Destroyer of Worlds who has once again escaped his arcade game to destroy the world (obviously). And just like in the episode, we had to wield game controllers to aid them and the Lemon Chef and button mash our way to  defeating the Destroyer of Worlds. Since I was too busy button mashing, I couldn’t take a picture. So here’s a picture courtesy of CNN.


    We got a really cool poster for our trouble.


    Adventure Time ConQuest
    Cartoon Network really had some of the best events. During SDCC, they were hosting an Adventure Time scavenger hunt. This was apparently they’re second year to do it. (Once again, I’m going to make some references to a show you may have not watched.) The Ice King has kidnapped princesses in the Land of Ooo, and it’s up to you to save them through texting. Starting at the Cartoon Network booth, there was a number you could text.

    You would then receive a reply of where to find one of the princesses in the Exhibit Hall.


    Each one would lead you to a certain booth with a sign of a secret word to text. What was really awesome was that some of the booths would give out free Adventure Time swag along the journey. The final hint would lead you to a designated area outside of the convention center to claim the main prize .


    Your reward: a really badass medal (badass not included).


    Nintendo Gaming Lounge
    There is not much to say about this event other than Nintendo filled up a room full of popular games and upcoming releases. While playing the games, you would be able to collect tickets. You can then exchange those tickets for some really cool exclusive Nintendo Comic-Con items (double the exclusivity).

    Just being at San Diego Comic-Con
    Once again, there is no way to summarize any of my SDCC experiences and really do it justice. And really I haven’t gotten anywhere close to what other events and sights that Comic-Con has to offer in this post (which makes me wonder why I wrote this in the first place). Being there is surreal and a dream come true for me all at the same time. It’s something I’ve been wanting to go to since back in high school, and I’ve been fortunate enough to go each year since San Diego Comic-Con 2013. I’ve met great people, seen awesome things, and have a lot of memories to look back on. It truly has been a life-changing experience for me. If you are at all curious or rabid about going to SDCC, I would highly recommend it and am willing to help in your venture. Just look me up next time, and maybe I can help get you a badge or find a place to stay. It’s something I get to look forward to every year and share with others. I’m lucky enough to go this year (with the help of some great friends I’ve met in Comic-Cons past), and hopefully that luck and help will continue on.

    Oh, and don’t forget:


    Feeling Kind of Geeky: The Countdown to San Diego Comic-Con 2016

    We are officially four weeks away from San Diego Comic-Con 2016! So to kind of commemorate my road (er…flight) to SDCC 2016, I’m going to take a look back on some of my favorite moments from the past years starting with my first year ever of Comic-Con in the next post.

    SDCC is by far one of the most interesting things I do in my life (seriously). It literally changed my very being (or was that heavy timeline is skewed). Before SDCC,  I was a husk of a person grinding along the cogs of entry-level employment and a fruitless relationship.  But once one of those came to a screeching halt, I had an opportunity (that’s what my therapist told me to call it) to turn things around for myself. And what better way to do that than to attend one of the biggest, publicized nerd-fests of the year (I did a lot of things a.b. “after break-up”).

    Comic-Con is a convention dedicated to geek and pop culture (and a contest to see who can go the most days without sleep and basic personal hygiene) in beautiful San Diego, California. There are panels galore, hundreds of celebrity appearances, cosplayers, exclusives, swag, and just about everything under the geekdom sun. It is truly a sight to behold, and I have been very fortunate to experience it a handful of times. But it’s not all fun and games (of thrones), there’s hours of waiting in long lines, crowds and more crowds, and then there’s the lack of human compassion and decency especially in the Exhibit Hall where all the vendors and exclusive items can be bought. But if you can get passed that, the pros certainly do outweigh the Comic-cons (get it?).


    As I said in my introductory post, I’m looking to give away one lucky reader an SDCC exclusive item (because I’m desperate for readers…and friends). I have not quite figured out how I will go about choosing the winner: maybe a lottery or a riddle/problem you have to figure out (like how to get be cool at 26 and still live with your parents). The item has also not been decided either, but it’s sure to be Comic-Conny (which is a word I guess). So please stay tuned for more information, and your chance to win!